Can Glasses Affect Your Eyesight and Make It Worse

July 4, 2019

People from all across the globe think that wearing glasses can cause your vision to become worse as time goes by.

The argument states that your eyes will start to rely on glasses that you are wearing on a daily basis, which means that muscles will cause focus atrophy and your vision will get worse much faster than before.

Other people believe that glasses can also damage your sight, but according to experts, both beliefs are inaccurate.

Before we continue, you should think of when was the last time you visited vision centers near me, because that is the best way to reduce issues that may happen with aging and prolonged using of digital devices.

Have in mind that refractive errors tend to progress and wearing glasses is not the factor that affects in anyway. Therefore, you are using glasses to see better, while this particular process is irreversible and you can only slow it down with a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, when you wear wrong prescriptions, that may cause eyestrains, but that will not affect your vision in the long run. At the same time, in case that children decide to wear prescriptions that have wrong lenses that will cause myopia to progress faster than before.

Still wearing glasses will improve your lifestyle when you have impaired vision and that is a fact you have to remember. You probably know that regardless of your age, your eyesight is changing.

One of the leading reasons why people wear them in the first place is astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.

The lens in your eye tends to change shape as the refractive error starts to progress, which means that less light will enter retina and the image will be inaccurate.

To simplify things, you will experience doubled or blurred vision, headaches, eyestrain and you will have issues while performing certain activities such as reading and driving.

One of the most common refractive errors is nearsightedness or myopia, and it starts during childhood. On the other hand, farsightedness or presbyopia starts at the age of 40 and it becomes worse as you age.

Most people will develop some type of refractive error in some point of their lives, which means that they will require corrective wear in the form of glasses to assist with the vision.

If you wish to learn more on refractive error in general, you should visit this site:

The Myths about Glasses

  • Wearing Glasses Weakens The Eye – Some people think that when you decide to wear glasses, you are losing the strength of eye muscles. That is why they advise others that they should force their eyes to focus without any assistance and only then, the muscles will be able to beat the refractive error from progressing. However, this is highly untrue, it can only lead to fatigue, and eyestrains in adults and worsens refractive errors in children. Glasses have the ability to adjust the lenses that are inside your eyes, which will add the level of refraction so that you can see clearly after your brain processes the image.
  • Wearing Wrong Prescriptions Can Affect Your Eyesight – You will need a few days for your eyes to get used to a specific prescription and new glasses. In case you cannot see well after a few weeks of wearing them, then your prescription is too strong or too weak. This tends to happen and may cause symptoms such as fatigue, eyestrains, and headaches. However, you do not have to worry in the long run, because you will be able to get the right prescriptions and that will reduce symptoms we have mentioned above. When it comes to children when they wear wrong prescriptions that could increase the progression of refractive error, which is why you should change them as soon as possible.


Even though some people believe that wearing glasses could cause muscle atrophy of eyes, it can prevent the refractive error from progressing. When you think about it, the logical assumption tells us that when we are using something as assistance, we are not doing it ourselves.

However, eyes are working differently than other organs and their muscles will not be able to weaken by using glasses. You can only improve the quality of your life and get the ability to read and drive as before.