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June 30, 2018

Tools for Self Defense

Crime is something that happens around the world, and we can never tell where or when it will happen, which causes worry for most of us. This causes people to live in distress and fear, with the hopes to not encounter situations that will put their lives in tremendous danger. The crime rates on just about every country in the world seem to undergo a fluctuation, which means that something bad can happen all of a sudden, and this statistic can really be disturbing.

Even those who think they are pretty safe within the four walls of their homes might experience crimes such as home invasion, theft and other more heinous acts, thus proving that crime can indeed happen anywhere, anytime. Knowing measures of self-defense tools have a huge importance in saving your life and the lives of those around you, in moment urgency. Below are some tools which can be used in moment of unexpected danger.

Number 1. Everyday Items – in reality there are a lot of things we can find lying around the house that can be used to disable attacker whenever the situation is suitable. In fact, even something simple as a couple of keys in a person’s pocket would be sufficient to stop criminals on their tracks. Placing the key on open palms, slipped out between the gap of your two fingers, then closing them in to a tight fist. As substitute for knuckles, this might be very painful, but it might grant you some time to escape, because this ensures that it will send the criminals bleeding. A pen can also be useful in urgent moments like these as a stabbing device to inflict pain. A cell phone is also effective, although those who cherish just how expensive their smart phones are would probably be too dumb to even think of such an idea.

Number 2. Stun Gun – a device that is safe for use. This will not be able to kill anyone, since it only discharges approximately 0.0003 amps, which is quite a low current. If it is higher than that, then this might cause cessations in breathing and might induce heart beats, opening of killing a person. Therefore, one wouldn’t have to worry about getting slapped with murder on a case of self-defense with this device.

Number 3. Pepper spray – One canister is already enough to daze a few criminals even attempting to cause trouble. When used, it can disperse a chemical which can cause short-term blindness to the assailant, irritating their eyes and leaving them unable to defend themselves. Pepper sprays are very handy, and like stun guns they are as popular, and also non-lethal. These are all tools that are available and effective in defending one’s self. We all want to believe that no harm will ever come to our families, but the reality of today’s society is there are individuals, who make it their mission in life to prey on others. Always be aware of your surroundings, regardless of day or night, especially, walking to your car, look left, look right, look behind you, repeatedly! If anyone is stalking you, the aforementioned action, will let them know that you will not be an easy target! If this is the case, they will more than likely move on, due to the fact that the element of surprise is no longer available to them.

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