3 Values of an Open MRI

July 16, 2019

Used for diagnosing various diseases and injuries, MRIs are typically known for being a less-than-comfortable experience at the hospital due to their closed-in, tubular shape. However, many hospitals are beginning to switch over to open MRIs, a more breathable alternative that provides many benefits compared to the traditional MRI.

Accommodates All Ages and Body Types

Considering the traditional MRI is tight and cylindrical, elderly or overweight patients frequently have difficulty finding a comfortable way to get their scan. The significance of an open MRI is that it is shaped somewhat like a hamburger without the meat, meaning that it is open on the sides. The patient is not enclosed, allowing them to lay however they feel most comfortable.

Allows Comfort for Children

Because the open MRI is open, it allows patients to find comfort in a loved one and hold their hand during the scan, which can be especially helpful for calming down rowdy or nervous children. Rather than making them go into an enclosed tube for their scan, which is understandably frightening and constricting for a child, they have room to touch and talk to a family member throughout their MRI.

Eases Claustrophobia and Anxiety

Those with claustrophobia or anxiety often have the toughest time with traditional MRI scans. However, the breathable nature of the open MRI allows for air to freely flow through the scanner and keep patients with claustrophobia from feeling like they are enveloped. Open MRIs are also less noisy, which can ease patients’ anxiety. As previously stated, the open sides allow patients to easily seek comfort in a loved one as well.

If you’re in need of an MRI, you may benefit from using an alternative to the traditional, encasing scanners. Open MRIs are becoming increasingly available, and they may be able to provide you with a much more pleasant hospital experience.