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June 30, 2018

Five Self-Defense Weapons that Help Maintain Home Safety

If an individual or family can’t or doesn’t want a firearm, it doesn’t automatically mean they don’t need to guard themselves and their home, in case any perilous situations come about. For such dreaded scenarios, there are non-lethal home security weapons that you can get today, and here are some of the most common: For those instances, there are non-lethal home security tools you can own anytime, and the following are among the most in-demand: For such unwanted circumstances, there are less-than-lethal weapons or tools that you can purchase today, and here are five of the most widely used:

Stun Baton

Fusing the reach of a baseball bat and the temporarily disabling power of a stun gun, a stun baton releases about 9 million volts of electricity, forcing some safe distance between yourself and your assailant. Additionally, it offers a multi-mode flashlight feature for increased visibility in the dark and the prospect of causing temporary blindness and disorientation to the perceived attacker. And if that’s not effective, you can always swing it like a club.

Crusher Baseball Bat

Regardless which part of the country you are from, you’ve likely swung a baseball bat in the past. And that basic knowledge makes the tool an automatic home defense weapon, since, even if you have no idea how to properly use a mace spray or stun gun, a bat will only need you to swing it. Tactical baseball bats are usually made from durable polypropylene and is, thus, almost indestructible. But if you’re keen on using a bat as a self defense weapon, make sure you don’t mind trashing your own stuff.

Tactical Flashlight

While it works perfectly as a day-to-day carry flashlight, a tactical flashlight has added features that give it concrete advantage as a self defense weapon. For example, it has a burst mode that emits a stupefying 1000 lumens, which is more than adequate to impermanently blind anybody with no eye protection. Moreover, it offers a strobe feature for continuous disorientation. As well, should you really need to take a swing, it has a toothed bezel reserved for such extraordinary circumstances.


A taser is a fusion of a gun and a stun gun. It generally has a range of 15 feet, with innovative pulse and electro-muscular features that temporarily dominate over the central nervous system of your target, even if they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you don’t have a gun or don’t want to use one, but have no qualms about taking down someone who is at that moment defenseless, this couldn’t be a better option.

Bean Bag Gun

Finally, a non-lethal and perfectly legal alternative to a gun is a bean bag gun, which is basically a spring-loaded, gas-powered tool that inflates bean bags at a maximum speed of 135 feet per second through a pressurized nitrogen cylinder. It is ridiculously easy to use – simply point and shoot it at your potential assailant to immediately stop them and their evil plan.

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