Dental Offices – Things to Know about Tooth Plantation

August 6, 2019

We all face the mirror every day and give a big smile to welcome good vibes. But if what you can see is a mouth with a missing tooth, then will you still be able to show a bright face? I guess, most ladies will even feel depressed because of this issue. I supposed, you should know that we have dentists today, who have learned about advanced dental solutions. Their responsibility does not end by simply removing and cleaning your teeth.

Now, if you are worried about your lost tooth and would like to fill up that space, you can look for a specialist like an expert dentist in Plantation, Florida. All you need to do is to visit a dental office, who performs this kind of service. Keep in mind that not all experts are offering this because they lack skills, knowledge and facilities. Therefore, make sure that you will only go to a doctor, who can attend to your needs.

What is implantation?

A dental implant is a dental procedure used to replace a missing tooth. This is a type of surgery, where metal or frame is placed into the gums. After that, they are going to mount the replacement and fuse it into the jawbone.

You can only go for this kind of procedure, if you have healthy gums because there is a need for a strong bone that is needed in supporting the implant. For this to be successful, you are required to keep the structure strong and healthy. You are also obliged to visit the attending doctor regularly to assure that everything is in place.

Types of Plantation

An Endosteal type of implant is a surgical procedure, where direct installation onto ones jawbone is performed. They need to wait for the tissues of the gum to get healed before performing the secondary surgery. Here, they have to attach a post to the previous plant. After that, the artificial teeth will be connected to the denture or bridge.

While the Subperiosteal type uses a metal frame, which needs to be fitted to one’s jawbone. After healing the gums, this frame will be fixed and the post must be protruding the gums.


First of all, it is important to have a complete tooth because this will boost your confidence. Most of the time, other people will notice that something is missing when you laugh or smile. This usually changes your mood, right? Therefore, prevent this from happening and stop worrying yourself by undergoing this procedure.

Generally, after losing a tooth, the area, where it was removed will start dissolving. You have to prevent this from happening. Through plantation, you can preserve the area and keep the jawbone in shape.

Another thing that, there will be changes in your chewing, biting and speaking, too, when you failed to replace the lost one. These things may happen because of the space left.


The major downside is that, it is expensive. If you can afford to pay as much as $5,000 for a single space, then go for this method. You may also experience minor complications, but this can be avoided through a regular check-up.

Individuals, who are willing to go for this method must be able to commit themselves because this will take more than one sessions. From your first day up to the last day will take a few months to finally complete the plantation.

Someone, who has problems with anesthesia cannot undergo this one. Remember that this is also a surgery and the use of anesthesia is expected. There is a risk involved and that is infectious.


For example, you may go for a partial denture as well as bridge. A partial denture is a cheaper way of replacing one or a few spaces. This one is removable and the experts must make sure that it will be stabilized in your mouth. Other individuals may also choose the bridge, which is actually fixed and anchored between the front and behind the teeth.

Those who are looking for an alternative, especially when you find it too expensive, should not lose hope. Discuss with your dentist the other options or methods that is applicable to your case. This web site will tell you more about these alternative methods.