Static and Elliptical Cross Trainer Bike

November 12, 2019

The main peculiarity of the Cross Trainer bike is that it is a static and elliptical machine, a 2 in 1 mid-range highly recommended. To understand what it can bring to have a 2-in-1 elliptical and static bike at home, we must know well the differences between these two types of bicycles. Both are machines to do cardio but have some fundamental differences:

The exercise bike imitates the movement of a conventional bicycle. In it, the athlete only exercises the legs and is used by both amateurs and professionals.

The elliptical bike is a more advanced type of model, also for professional athletes or beginners. On the best elliptical machine for home, move not only the legs but also arms and provides a more complete exercise. With the elliptical machine, the risk of injury is generally lower than with the static one.

When it comes to burning calories, both the exercise bike and the elliptical bike are effective.

With the Cross Trainer elliptical trainer, you can combine the best of each of the two bicycles in one machine, which is its most outstanding quality.

What does the cross trainer static and elliptical bike have?

It occupies very little space: It is indicated for almost any home because it occupies very little space. Its dimensions are 100 x 60 x 144 cm. It weighs approximately 28 kg.

It has different levels of difficulty:  You can choose from the flat effort to the mountain stage.

Control Panel:  The information contained in the control panel of the Cross Trainer includes speed, distance, pulse, and calories burned. In addition, the buttons on the control panel are large and, therefore, easy to press and operate.

It is a safe bike:  This is influenced by its non-slip pedals, with which you will avoid having any fall.

It is easy to assemble: It does not require prior or specific knowledge to be assembled, and its installation is very simple and fast.

Maximum user weight:  It supports up to 120 kg, which is not bad for a mid-range bike.

The handlebar is very comfortable:  This is because it is padded, which improves the user experience and makes it easier for the athlete to be more comfortable when training.

It is easy to save:  It is not a heavy bike and also has transport wheels to facilitate any movement.

The weaknesses of the Cross Trainer are

It makes some noise, which for some users will not be inconvenient, but for others more sensitive, it will be a problem.

It does not have preset training programs and lacks accessories such as bottle holders. Nor does it have wireless connectivity and compatibility with web applications.

We recommend you buy it if

You do not know if you decide between an elliptical or static bike, your level is beginner or medium, and the main objective you pursue when you get on the bike is to burn calories. In these cases, the Cross Trainer is undoubtedly the bike to use in the home you were waiting for.